Phone – Pricing & Plans

At Beat My Price, We like to keep our prices Cheap and Simple.

We offer Calling cards in the form of –

  • 1.00$ 18 min
  • 5.00$ 180 min
  • 10.00$ 480 min
  • 20.00$ 1000 min
  • 25.00$/Month Unlimited Outgoing
  • 35.00$/Month Unlimited Everything !
  • 4.99$/Month  Voice mail

Unlimited Calling for 35$/month includes : Inbound Phone number and Voice mail with shared text messaging and email.  This Plan Is perfect for Men in Secure Mental Hospitals.

Currently Serving:


Coalinga Mental Hospital


Targets at the moment Include:

  1. (DSH) – Atascadero, CA
  2. (DSH) – Napa, CA
  3. (DSH) – Stockton,, CA
  4. (DSH) – Patton, CA
  5. (DSH) – Vacaville, CA
  6. (DSH) – Metropolitan, CA
  7. (DSH) – Salinas Valley, CA


We are actively seeking new hospitals to bring our services to and have listed some of our next targets.  We are looking for trust worthy people willing to spread the word in there facility for free phone services at the locations listed below,  or any Mental Hospital that would like to take advantage of our Guarantied lowest rates